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Intro to Ideation

Coming up with a unique idea or solution – one of our most valuable human skills – has rarely been a focus of STEM curricula. This groundbreaking curriculum fills that gap, teaching students how to hone the design thinking skill of ideation. The book places ideation in its educational context, provides introductory exercises to train students in brainstorming, presentation, collaboration and evaluating solutions, then lays out 70 short classroom exercises that develop ideation skills.


"This book is an all-in-one resource, providing both the theoretical underpinnings teachers need to wrap their heads around the concept of ideation and the practical component of vetted classroom exercises designed to help teachers realize the full potential of their project-based learning lesson or unit." 


Chris Anderson, Integrative STEM Expert and Education Program Specialist at Rutgers University


Intro to Ideation came out of the countless exercises that igniteSTEM used in our Educator Conferences and our Design Thinking Challenges. Testing these ideas and modifying them from real feedback from students and educators allowed us to create the first and only workbook in design thinking. Written by our director emeritus Rohit Narayanan and the igniteSTEM ambassadors, with the assistance of world-class education and design thinking experts, fulfill a crucial need: a way to spread the message of design thinking across the entire world.

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