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Get updated to know about any upcoming flagship IgniteSTEM or satellite IgniteSTEMx Conferences near you! 

As our conferences are free and very intimate with a limit of at most 150 attendees, subscribe to get notified about applications, event logistics, conference speakers, workshops, and travel information, as well as gain a unique online opportunity to interact and discuss with other attendees and speakers online in a forum environment before and after the conference. 

If you are unable to attend our conference, after our conferences, we send out speaker bios, selected video footage, workshop materials, lesson plans, and other conference resources in our newsletter, thus still fostering your opportunity to network with other teachers and attendees and access informative conference content.    


On every newsletter, we will feature a teacher or school that has an inspiring, amazing, and engaging STE(A)M curriculum, program or activity to help you ignite STEM at your school! 


Every one of our events, we give out various grants to educators, students, and other attendees. In addition, we are excited to present grant opportunities throughout the year for our newsletter subscribers.

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Every month, we gather some lesson plans that we LOVE and that are free to use for anyone in their classroom.  Some examples include:

  • Extensive free lesson plans in science/engineering for all grades, plus complete lesson packages can be found on!

  • On the Artsedge website one can find many interdisciplinary activities that combine art with subjects of your choice

  • CodeFWD is a free online program for educators and organizations working with 4th through 8th graders to inspire young programmers!

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