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Educators have exponential power in shaping the next generation of leaders, problem solvers, and innovators. We believe that design thinking is key to disrupting traditional education and empowering students to learn how to think about hard problems with unique, empathetic solutions. By teaching those skills to educators, we can make an outsized impact on the future of our world.

Our mission is to create that future by investing directly in students, in their educators, and in innovations that will kickstart that vision. By coming to our events, engaging with our content offerings, and applying for our grants, you can be a part of our change.



igniteSTEM hosts events all over the world, and we are constantly looking to expand our reach. Our student ambassador program has attracted students from across the United States, and we have had students come to our design thinking challenges from local high schools to even Puerto Rico. Check out our various event offerings and archives of previous events to see where we have hosted!


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