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We have searched high and low for these gems of knowledge, just for you and your students! We have divided the database per subject to help you find exactly what you're looking for.  Our content includes online and public resources, as well as original, unique IgniteSTEM products.  Just simply click on the icon on the right side in the list below to access our content folders. We hope you enjoy the material we have gathered for you! 


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The IgniteSTEM Content Team

BOOKS: Be inspired. 

Help your students navigate their learning environments and digital lives by nourishing your own professional development!  In this folder, we have included an extensive Teacher Reading List and a list of the Best STEM Books for kids in 2019 for both you and your students. 

CODING: Establish a foundation for digital literacy.

In the age of information technology and EdTech, it's important to introduce your students, regardless of age or background, to the basics of programming structure, logic, and design.  In this folder, we have compiled, for each age group and skill level, targeted Lesson Plans and guides, helpful online resources and tutorials, and general coding programs and events accessible for your students. 

DESIGN THINKINGTransform your classroom.

Design Thinking provides a way to think about creative work, detailing an innovative method that can be applied to all kinds of complex problem solving.  To introduce you and your students to design thinking and how you can incorporate it into your classroom and teaching methods, in our folder, we have provided The Beginner's Guide to Design Thinking in the Classroom and a step-by-step brainstorming activity for you to apply design thinking methods to your specific targets. 


Learn how to teach general science concepts in your classroom in a more interactive way that incorporates student engagement through project based learning to inspire scientific fascination and creative pursuit.  In this folder, we have compiled some Lesson Plans for you and your students to guide and inspire your teaching style for fundamental concepts in the public school general science curriculum. 

MAKERSPACES: Grassroots Innovation.

Makers are creative, resourceful, and curious using digital design and manufacturing technologies to develop projects that demonstrate how they can interact with the world around them.  Our folder includes Lesson Plans, Makerspace guides, and other useful resources for you to get started in thinking differently about your education environments and how you can bring these new ways of thinking into your classrooms.

MATH: Integrate Common Core Values.

With current reforms in education curriculum to target common core values and redesign learning math in the classroom to target conceptual understanding and creative outlets, we have compiled several online Lesson Plans and tactics for you to facilitate the transition towards project based learning in math for your students.

ROBOTICS: Incorporate creative thinking and teamwork in your EdTech classroom.

Robotics is gaining momentum in many public schools worldwide.  While it may seem daunting to get started,  we have included a Product Guide with detailed expenses and cheapest options for integrating Robotics into the classroom and how you can incorporate it into your education curriculum, regardless of your prior programming background

SUSTAINABILITY: Increase environmental awareness. 

As educators, we have a responsibility to make sustainability a top priority in our classroom environments.  To see how you can integrate sustainability into your teaching agenda for your students, we have gathered several Lesson Plans and Toolkits to teach pressing concepts such as Recycling and Climate Education. 

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